Legacy Societies

Temple Sinai has three giving societies, each supporting our work in crucial ways. We ask you to consider joining one or more of them. They are: L’chaim - to life!

Chai Society

The Chai Society is a true lifeline for our day-to-day programs and operation. Chai Society members recognize the “power of now”, and the importance of ongoing, steadfast support through annual gifts. A gift of $1800 or more in any one calendar year qualifies a donor as an annual member of the Chai Society. This includes all cash gifts and corporate matching gifts, as well as credit for donor-advised funds and private foundation gifts. Students in our community can become members through a gift of $180 each year. Members will enjoy special perks at our fundraising events, and luncheons and special sessions with visiting scholars and leaders.

Solomon Society

King Solomon was charged to build the first Temple in Jerusalem, and in 970 BCE, he held the first big fundraiser to build and support it. Our Solomon Society honors and encourages giving directly to the Temple Sinai Permanent Endowment Fund, a fund that both protects our future and augments current funding. A yearly gift of $2500, or a lifetime gift of $25,000 qualifies a donor as a member of the Solomon Society.

Covenant Society

Our temple was founded on Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the giving of Torah and the covenant at Sinai. That covenant made so long ago still binds us; it is aleinu, “on us” to pass down our culture and tradition, and to ensure the future of our people and our synagogues, l’dor vador, from generation to generation. Temple Sinai’s Covenant Society honors those who have made gifts of $25,000 or more to our endowment through wills, trusts, IRA provisions, insurance gifts and gift annuity programs. The support of Covenant Society through deferred planned gifts secures Temple Sinai’s future and ensures a vibrant Reform Jewish center here in the greater Burlington area. Members will enjoy special perks at our fundraising events, luncheons and special sessions with visiting scholars and leaders, and 5% discount on any trips organized by Temple Sinai.